Carl D. “Chubby” Proffitt,, Jr., for whom this Scholarship is named, was born in Charlottesville, Va. on November 23rd, 1918 and died on June 30, 2015. His 96 years of life is a remarkable story. A humble and simple man, in his early years he was a baseball and softball player. After entering the military, he started and starred on a baseball team that compiled a 33-0 record and was eventually inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. While engaged in WWII he became Charlottesville’s most decorated soldier. His bravery was unfailing and his allegiance to putting duty and others first were relentless. Upon returning home with his playing days behind him, Chubby became devoted to managing and coaching area youth. In 1950, he and a group of Charlottesville men founded The FALCON Club (From A Little Comes Others Needs), a group committed to providing a united means for recognizing, promoting, and assisting local youth involved in sports. Chubby was an active FALCON until the day he died.

A family man, a champion, a kind compassionate man, Chubby made lifelong contributions to his local community, our country, and the world. He always had a good word and a smile for all he came into contact with. It is The FALCON Club’s honor to offer this Scholarship in his name to a senior from a Charlottesville area high school who epitomizes the thing that Chubby Proffitt stood for – honor, humility, integrity, unselfishness, kindness, courageousness, caring, and putting others first. 

In order to fill out this application, please download the application to your computer, fill it out, save it, and then email it to us.  ONLY COMPLETED APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.

***Application Deadline is July 1st***

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Carl D "Chubby" Proffitt, Jr. Scholarship


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